Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance is most commonly associated with liability coverage relating to your professional activities. Many people use the term interchangeably with errors and omissions (E&O) insurance or professional liability insurance (PLI) or professional indemnity insurance (PII). A rose by any other name still helps to protect your personal assets from the fallout related to mistakes and oversights made in the course of professional services you provide.

Ultimately, it can lead to a lot of confusion when the time comes to purchase an insurance policy for your professional needs. That’s one reason it’s so important to work with independent insurance professionals, like our agents here at Johl & Company. We can help you understand what your professional insurance needs are and identify the policy that will best help you meet those needs for protection.

One other, important, thing to remember is that not all professional liability insurance policies offer the same types of protection. Depending on your specific role within your organization you may need specific liability insurance coverage.

These are some of the liability policies, in addition to errors and omissions (E&O) insurance policy, that  you may need for yourself or your business.

Directors and Officers (D&O) Liability Insurance

This type of insurance coverage is known by many other names as well. Among them are executive liability insurance and management liability insurance. It covers exposures that managers, officers, and directors face as a result of their business decisions. In addition to offering coverage for damages awarded, this type of insurance covers legal fees up to the plan’s limits.

Employment Practices Liability (EPL) Insurance

This type of insurance applies to liability claims resulting from discrimination in hiring practices and employee treatment. Discrimination can be based on a wide range of issues including:

  • Sex
  • Race
  • Age
  • Religion
  • Disability

EPLI coverage also extends to issues such as harassment, breach of contract, wrongful termination, and retaliation.

Employee Benefits Liability (EBL) Insurance

This liability protection extends to claims related to errors and omissions in the administration of employee benefits. Small mistakes can cost administrators and the business big if there were mistakes made in the administration of benefits, such as designating the wrong beneficiary, failing to make requested changes in status, forgetting to add life insurance coverage, or even failing to let an employee know about his or her eligibility status in a timely manner.

Cyber Liability Insurance

This type of insurance is an essential type of coverage for any business that deals with computers and the Internet. With so many big businesses falling victim to hackers, it’s a given that smaller businesses, with fewer resources, will have an even more difficult time holding them off. Cyber liability coverage provides protection for your business in the event of a data breach.

Fiduciary Liability Insurance

This coverage offers protection for claims related to mismanagement of employee benefit plans or errors and omissions resulting from breaches in fiduciary responsibilities.

Working with Johl & Company

There’s a lot to work through when it comes to determining your liability insurance needs as a business. In addition to general liability insurance, one or more of the policies above may be necessary in order to protect your business and personal interests.

Johl & Company can help you determine the insurance coverage needs for your business and help you find the right policy to meet those needs without letting the cost of coverage get out of control.

We have served New Jersey businesses since 1963 and have big plans to continue doing so for the next half century. Call 877-774-7382 for a free rate quote and to learn more about your professional liability insurance coverage options.

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    I would like to start by saying my experience with your agency has been amazing. I have been a customer for a few years. When I first stepped foot in your office I was close to loosing my car insurance coverage with my old provider, some places were turning me away and I was receiving high quotes from other companies. Your agency was the only one that took their time with explaining my options and providing the best insurance coverage that suits my needs. Your knowledge in this field helped to educate me with my decisions.

    – Yadira B, Garfield, NJ

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    Just a few words of appreciation. The Kozma/Johl Insurance agency have insured my home and automobiles etc. for the past fifty years, during this period I had a few problems which were resolved without incident. The agencies associates were very professional in resolving these claims and I was more than satisfied with the results.
    Furthermore I will recommend the agencies services to my family and friends without reservation. Once again thank you

    – Carl H., Elmwood Pk, NJ

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    Two years ago, I needed insurance for my newly purchased condo. When I reached out to my good friend Drew Stolz for advice, he not only assisted but was also able to get me car insurance, bundled with the condo policy for a cheaper price! He immediately found an affordable plan and explained all the details in ways I could understand. Every year on the annual date, he looks to find the best coverage plan and also one that is the most affordable. I am so grateful for Drew’s assistance.

    – Kim L., Granby, CT

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    I have been a customer of Johl & Co for many years, both for my business and personal insurance. Over the entire time, I have been treated with best in class service along with competitive rates. Everyone at Johl that I have dealt with over the years has always been able to address any question, claim or concern in the most prompt professional manner. I would strongly recommend Johl & Co. to anyone for all their insurance needs.

    – Bob K., Englewood Cliffs

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    As far as the John Johl Company, I have been a customer for I want to say like 22 plus years. I have been more than satisfied not only with the coverage , but with the service as well. You are there when I need you and you take the extra step to ensure the best coverage and the best options for Kathy & my peace of mind.
    Geiko , Progressive who ??? I Always refer you…..

    – Mark N., Lyndhurst, NJ