Getting Your Pool Ready

Tips For Getting Your Pool Ready For Summer

Winter has past, Spring is in full swing, and Summer is nearing. One of the biggest problems people have this time of year is getting their pool ready and open for the Summer months. It’s not hard to get the cover off, fill your pool with water, and get the system started. The trouble comes when you see the color of your pool and you start to wonder why it isn’t clear.

Getting Your Pool Ready

Below, our team offers some helpful hints for opening your pool.

1. Make sure you have the proper supplies

Before anything else, make sure you have the right supplies to open your pool. You don’t want to take the cover off just to run to the store because you don’t have something you need. Some of the things you might need include, an opening kit with chemicals, skimmer head, telescopic pole, vacuum hose and head, a pool brush, and a test kit. Make sure you check the expiration date on your chemicals before using them.

2. Get some help from a friend or family member

Certainly, you can open a pool by yourself. However, it will be much less of a chore if you have someone there to do it with you. Once you have your pool ready, you will have someone to enjoy it with also!

3. Get a head start

Do you ever have the problem of algae growing in your pool? This might be because you are waiting too long to open your pool. Algae loves to grow in warm and dark places. If you open your pool early and get everything read to go, you can probably avoid having algae in your pool. Also, if you start early enough, you may be able to get some good deals on the supplies you need from you pool store.

4. Make sure your filter and pump are up and running

What your pool is going to look like when you first open it will be a surprise. The water could be clear, cloudy, light green, or (hopefully not) dark green. No matter what your pool looks like, it is important to get your filter and pump running. After you get your filter and pump running, you should keep them running until your pool is crystal clear! After your pool is clear, you still need to run your filter and pump for 10-12 hours each day.

5. Test the water

You have your supplies, opened your pool, and are running the filter and pump. Next, you should test your pool water using your test kit or strips to check the pH and chlorine levels in your pool. If you take a sample of your pool water to your local pool store, they can give a more accurate reading.

6. Shock your pool

Shocking your pool is an excellent way to get your pool ready and remove unwanted things from your pool water. Shocking your pool can kill bacteria and algae and also get rid of any unwanted chlorine that is no longer doing its job. If you choose to shock your pool, you will have to wait until the chlorine levels in your pool drop to a comfortable level before using it.

We hope that these tips can help ease the process of opening your pool this summer and enjoying the relaxation! In our next blog post, we will review many important pool safety tips and recommendations.

How Will Your Pool Affect Your Homeowner’s Insurance?

Did you know that having a pool can increase your liability risk? Make sure you are still covered under your homeowners policy! Feel free to contact us today with any questions, or feel free to request a quote.

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