Your Guide to Fireplace Safety

Who doesn’t love sitting in front of a fire on a cold day? In order to protect you and your family, we would like to share some safety tips to keep in mind when you decide to get a fire going.

Make sure the damper is open
Also referred to as the “flue,” this allows the smoke to travel up the chimney out of your home. When this is not open, the smoke will begin to pour back into your home. You want to make sure it is open before the fire is started and until all the embers are out.

Use smaller pieces of wood
Smaller chunks of wood produce less smoke and burn faster.

Have a professional check the chimney
There are times throughout the year animals can make nests inside the chimney, which would block the smoke from escaping. You want to be sure that there is nothing in your chimney that can cause problems for the smoke leaving.

Clear the area
Make sure there is nothing around the fireplace that can catch on fire.


Don’t leave it unattended
If you leave your home or go to bed, make sure the fire is completely out.

Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
Test these each month and be sure to change the batteries at least once a year.

Stay warm and be safe!

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