Halloween Safety Tips for the Whole Family

With Halloween quickly approaching, it is a good time to talk about some  Halloween safety tips that your family should be aware of for your night out.

Be aware of traffic

You want to make sure your kids are extra aware of traffic. Be sure they are looking both ways and are crossing at intersections or traffic signals.

Make sure costumes fit properly

Having a properly fitting costume is also important to your child’s safety. Make sure there are no loose hanging strings or fabric that can get caught on something. You also want to make sure they can see clearly through their mask.

Have a flashlight

Be sure that either you or your children have flashlights or glow-sticks so others can see them as it gets dark out.

Stay in familiar areas

When you are figuring out where you want your kids to go trick-or-treating, make sure it is in a familiar area. It is important that everyone—parents, and kids—know where they are.

Drive safely

For people who may be in their car on Halloween night, be sure to drive cautiously. Go slow and check crosswalks and intersections for anyone who may be crossing.

halloween safety tips

We hope everyone has a great and safe Halloween!

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