home maintenance for fall

Homeowner’s Insurance: Home Maintenance Tasks For Fall

How is everyone’s summer going? Probably too fast, right? Labor Day is right around the corner, and, for most, Labor Day signals the unofficial end of summer. For some, they are happy Fall is on the horizon and others will be sad to see summer go. Regardless of which group you are in, there are several home maintenance tasks you should complete before fall officially arrives. Doing these things will help keep your house in good shape and help you avoid a homeowner’s insurance claim.

1.) Prune your trees and shrubs

Before the hazardous storms of winter arrive, it is important to prune all your trees and shrubs. Pruning your trees, and cutting away all dead branches, will keep your house safe during any fall or winter storms.

2.) Check your lighting around your porch

As a result of summer ending, the days get shorter and shorter. This means that you will need better lighting around the entrance of your house. Lighting will help to keep you and your visitors safe while entering your house.

3.) Take down and store your window air conditioner

After the warm weather has completely passed, it is important to take out your window air conditioner, tune it up, and store it for winter time. By doing this, you will ensure your air conditioner is good to go come next summer.

home maintenance for fall

4.) Change your furnace air filter

Take a few minutes and make sure you have a new air filter in your furnace. You don’t want your furnace kicking on the cold weather and pumping out air that isn’t clean.

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