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Keeping Your Homes Exterior Protected for Winter

In our last blog, we discussed some tips to help keep your home warm when the temperature begins to drop, but what should you do to protect the outside of your home? With the first day of winter quickly approaching, preparing the outside of your home can help protect not only the exterior of your home but your friends and family will be safe as well.

Turn Off Water Lines, Faucets
If you have any outdoor faucets, be sure they are turned off. If there is any trapped water, it can freeze and end up damaging your pipes. You will also want to disconnect any hoses you have outside and store them away.

Clean Your Gutters
Having gutters that are not blocked by leaves and other outdoor debris is important for allowing any water to move freely and not freeze, forming icicles.

Have Supplies Ready
Be sure you have shovels, or snow removal tools, as well as salt to help melt any ice and keep your family and visitors safe from slips.

Cut Dead Branches from Trees
If your home has trees that are over your home or are close enough where a falling branch could cause damage, be sure to trim the dead branches from that tree.

home insurance Westwood NJ

Independent Insurance Agency in Westwood, NJ

Being prepared is important, but having something in place that protects you and your home in the event of an accident is something every homeowner needs. If you are interested in receiving a homeowners insurance quote or would like to discuss your policy options, contact us today to speak with one of our agents.

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