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When the weather turns—the days get longer, and the water gets warmer—everyone wants to go out on their boat (or their friend’s boat). In a previous blog article, we covered some of the most common questions that we see regarding boat insurance. You can read that blog, here. Below, our team explores boating safety and how to stay safe this summer while on the water. Keeping just your boat protected isn’t enough, we want to make sure you are covered as well!

1.) Always check the weather

Before deciding to go boating, you should always check the weather forecast. One of the worst places you can be during a storm is on the water. Check to see the Westwood weather forecast.

There are a number of things you can look for that might be signs of a storm coming:

  • Thunder in the distance
  • A rainbow in the west
  • A sudden drop in temperature
  • Dark clouds rolling in

If you see, or experience, any of the above, you should get off the water ASAP.

2.) Make sure everyone has a lifejacket

The majority of drowning accidents while boating could have been avoided by wearing a lifejacket. While it is important for everyone to wear a lifejacket, it is also important that those lifejackets properly fit. Before departing, make sure everyone has a lifejacket that properly fits. Click here to read more about lifejacket safety from the US Coast Guard.

Boating Safety

3.) Alcohol and boating don’t mix

A boat is a motorized vehicle, just like a car is, and you wouldn’t mix alcohol and driving a car, would you? So why do it when boating? You are twice as likely to be involved in a boating accident when alcohol is present.

4.) Keep the sunscreen readily available

If you are planning a long day on the water, chances are you will be exposed to a lot of sun. First, it is important to buy sunscreen that is both sweat and water proof, as we expect you’ll be in the water. Second, we suggest reapplying throughout the day, especially in areas where you begin to burn. If you do not reapply to these areas, you may suffer from sun poisoning.

We hope that these 4 boating safety tips can help you stay safe this spring and summer as you are out on the water!

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