Renters Insurance

Most people overlook the importance of renters insurance. Unfortunately, for those who are renting homes, townhomes, condos, or apartments, it’s one of the most important types of insurance you can purchase. Johl & Company is here to help you get the insurance coverage you need to protect your interests as a renter and as your insurance needs change over time.

Why is Renters Insurance so Important?

As a renter you may not believe you have a huge investment in your home or apartment to protect. That really isn’t the case, though.

You still have furniture, kitchenware, tools, electronics, linens, bedding, computers, clothing, shoes, toys, toiletries, and so much more that can easily get destroyed in a covered event or be stolen.

In fact, if you take the time to sit down and add everything up for replacement in one fell swoop, you’ll find that you have a much bigger investment in the items in your apartment than you realize.

But that’s not the only reason to invest in renters insurance. For some, it may not even be the most important reason to do so. The average renters insurance policy also includes a certain amount of liability coverage. Liability coverage helps you to pay for legal fees and settlements or judgments if you, or something in your apartment, causes injury to another apartment or property damage to the apartments around you.

What does this mean? It means that if your waterbed were to burst while you’re at the office dumping a huge amount of water on the floor and the apartment below yours, you could be held responsible for the damage to the building and to the apartment (and objects in the apartment) below yours, the legal fees and judgments are covered.

That is, of course, as long as they fall within the limits of your renters insurance policy. Those numbers can add up quickly making this an important policy to have.

Considerations when Purchasing Renters Insurance

One of the reasons it’s so important to work with an independent insurance agent when purchasing things like renters insurance is that your agent is there to help you make thoughtful, educated decisions about the type and extent of coverage you need.

For instance, if your agent discovers that your apartment is filled with antiques or artwork, or that you have an extensive collection of fur coats, jewelry, or expensive electronics, he or she should suggest that you invest in an additional policy for valuable items.

The average insurance policy places a limit on coverage amounts for general household possessions. Valuable items coverage allows you to cover certain items for higher values, though appraisals are often require to reach an agreed upon value.

The Johl & Company Difference

Johl & Company is an independent insurance agency. This means we’re working for you. Our goal is to help you get the right insurance policy, whatever kind of insurance you need. We don’t believe in selling a policy for selling’s sake, and we take great pride in offer outstanding and personal service when making the initial sell and when you need to file a claim.

In all of our endeavors, our goal is to help you reduce your risks. We have received many rave reviews from satisfied customers and invite you to take a look and see what others have to say about our service and our products.

Better yet, call 877-774-2973 today to get a free rate quote and learn more about how Johl & Company can help you get the renters insurance you need without adding on products and services you don’t need in the process.

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What Our Clients Say

  • reviews

    I would like to start by saying my experience with your agency has been amazing. I have been a customer for a few years. When I first stepped foot in your office I was close to loosing my car insurance coverage with my old provider, some places were turning me away and I was receiving high quotes from other companies. Your agency was the only one that took their time with explaining my options and providing the best insurance coverage that suits my needs. Your knowledge in this field helped to educate me with my decisions.

    – Yadira B, Garfield, NJ

  • reviews

    Just a few words of appreciation. The Kozma/Johl Insurance agency have insured my home and automobiles etc. for the past fifty years, during this period I had a few problems which were resolved without incident. The agencies associates were very professional in resolving these claims and I was more than satisfied with the results.
    Furthermore I will recommend the agencies services to my family and friends without reservation. Once again thank you

    – Carl H., Elmwood Pk, NJ

  • reviews

    Two years ago, I needed insurance for my newly purchased condo. When I reached out to my good friend Drew Stolz for advice, he not only assisted but was also able to get me car insurance, bundled with the condo policy for a cheaper price! He immediately found an affordable plan and explained all the details in ways I could understand. Every year on the annual date, he looks to find the best coverage plan and also one that is the most affordable. I am so grateful for Drew’s assistance.

    – Kim L., Granby, CT

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    I have been a customer of Johl & Co for many years, both for my business and personal insurance. Over the entire time, I have been treated with best in class service along with competitive rates. Everyone at Johl that I have dealt with over the years has always been able to address any question, claim or concern in the most prompt professional manner. I would strongly recommend Johl & Co. to anyone for all their insurance needs.

    – Bob K., Englewood Cliffs

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    As far as the John Johl Company, I have been a customer for I want to say like 22 plus years. I have been more than satisfied not only with the coverage , but with the service as well. You are there when I need you and you take the extra step to ensure the best coverage and the best options for Kathy & my peace of mind.
    Geiko , Progressive who ??? I Always refer you…..

    – Mark N., Lyndhurst, NJ