Traveling This Winter? Be Sure Your Home Is Taken Care Of

Do you travel to warmer areas during the winter months? When you go on vacation there are certain steps you take to secure your home. During winter, however, because of the temperatures and snow, there are some things that you should do to prepare your home before you travel.

Unplug all your electronics
Besides the fridge, make sure all other electronics are unplugged before you leave. You may also want to consider getting timers on your lights so it looks like you are still home.

Turn down the heat
Around 50 degrees is a good temperature to leave your home at when you are away. If you have any pets or plants that will be in your house make sure to set the temperature accordingly. You should also lower the temperature of the water heater to save money.

Remove the snow
Ask a family member, friend, or hire a service to shovel and salt the driveway while you are away.


For more tips on how to keep your home safe while you are away, click here.

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