How Renters Can Save Money on Utilities

Renting a home or apartment does not mean you can’t save yourself some money each month. Many renters pay for at least some utilities, and by making simple changes you can reduce those expenses.

Below, the team at Johl & Company have listed five ways renters can save money each month on utilities.


Lights in our home are constantly being used. By replacing regular bulbs with energy efficient ones you can help reduce the amount of money you spend on electricity. For example, Energy Star light bulbs use 70-90% less energy than your traditional light bulb.

Use Weatherstrips

Placing these strips around your doors and windows will be able to help seal off any cracks where outside air may have been leaking in.

Let the Sun Do Some Work

As the days start getting colder, be sure to allow the sun to do some of the heating. Opening blinds and curtains to let the sun in will help heat up your house. Natural sunlight may not be able to replace your heater, but it can help keep your heater off a little longer.


With all the electronic devices we use most of us have chargers plugged in all over. Even if the chargers are not plugged into a device they are still using some energy. Be sure to unplug those chargers from the wall when they are not being used.

Make Sure Furniture Is Not Blocking Vents

If you have furniture that is covering a vent, the airflow from that vent is not able to work as efficiently. This means that it will take longer to warm up or cool down that room. It is important for your vents to have a clear path so they can work as efficiently as possible.

Are you a renter in the Westwood, NJ area?

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