Be Safe When Gardening This Summer

Many people in the Westwood, NJ area, and all across the country, love gardening! Some people grow tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers, while others grow fruits, plants, or flowers. Many people do not care what they are growing, it is just a good excuse to get outside, enjoy some physical activity, and feel some pride in what they are growing. If you don’t garden, but would like to start, see Better Homes & Gardens’ article on starting your garden.

Safe Gardening

How can you maximize your safety while gardening this summer?

  • Dress properly

Wearing proper shoes, goggles, and long pants can help prevent injury from machines, or exposure to harmful chemicals. Always, always, always wear gloves as well!

  • Limit how much you do at once

If you are spending long hours in your garden on a hot day, you may become dehydrated and sick. Make sure to drink lots of water and limit how much time you are spending in the hot sun.

  • Check to make sure your equipment is working properly

Before starting any serious work, make sure your equipment is all in working order. If your equipment is broken, and you start using it, an accident is much more likely to occur.

  • Do not approach, or try to handle, bugs or animals

Even if you are approaching in a friendly and harmless manner, bugs and animals do not know this. Bugs and animals have a natural instinct to defend themselves, and could bite or sting you in defense.

  • Remove debris from your garden and lawn

Debris will attract animals and other unwanted creatures to your garden, like ticks. Keeping your garden clear of all debris will help to minimize bugs and animals in your garden. Additionally, if there are any buckets near your garden that collect water, empty them ASAP. Mosquitos love to use these kinds of buckets for breeding.

  • Be careful while handling gas

If you are using a machine that requires gas, be sure to handle the gasoline with care, and not spill it on yourself or your garden.

The team at Johl & Company, an independent insurance agency in Westwood, NJ, hopes that you have a happy and safe summer of gardening.

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