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Safety Tips for Your Thanksgiving Holiday

Thanksgiving is just about here, and, as you finalize your plans and get ready for some time with family and friends, you should also remember some simple safety tips for your Thanksgiving get-together.

Are you traveling?
If you are traveling this Thanksgiving, here are some safety tips for the road.

1. Make sure you take periodic breaks if you are driving a long distance. Stop at local rest areas and stretch your legs for a couple of minutes.

2. Keep your eye on the gas tank. It can be easy to not pay attention to how much gas your car has when you are traveling far, but, if you are going to be on the highway, make sure you pull over to get gas when the tank gets low. Rest areas can be miles and miles apart from each other and you do not want to risk being stranded.

3. If you are driving with multiple people, switch drivers every once in a while. Give yourself a chance to rest if you have been driving for a couple of hours.

4. Be extra cautious on the road. With any holiday you are going to have a lot of people driving. With the extra traffic, it is important to remember to be aware.

5. Bring a backup GPS or directions. Using your phone’s GPS is fine, but make sure you have an extra GPS system or written directions with you. If your main GPS device dies or fails to work it is important that you have another way of navigating.

auto and home insurance Westwood NJ

If you are traveling and your home will be empty for a couple days, here are some ways to keep your house protected.

Are you Hosting?
If this is the case, here are some tips for keeping you, your guests, and your home safe.

1. Check your food regularly. It can be easy to get sidetracked by other things going on, but it is important to keep an eye on the food. Be sure to set timers on anything that is cooking.

2. Keep any kids or animals out of the cooking area. With the food being moved around and all the hot surfaces (like the oven and stove), it can be easy for a child or pet to cause an accident and/or hurt themselves.

3. Make sure everything is off when you are done. Cooking can be tough, especially for a lot of people, but, before you go to bed, make sure all your appliances are turned off or unplugged.

We hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!

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