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How to Stay Safe While Shoveling Snow

Nobody enjoys shoveling their driveway after a heavy snowfall, however, many of us do not think much about taking precautions before we begin shoveling.

Below are some safety tips that you should know the next time you grab your shovel to clean up the driveway.

  1. You should have a shovel that is specifically designed for shoveling snow. This will decrease the amount of bending you need to do.
  2. Try not to lift, rather, you should push the snow. Lifting can increase the strain on your back and may cause injury.
  3. Try to shovel once the snow has stopped. If the snow sits, it can become wetter and heavier as time goes on.
  4. Even though it may be cold out, make sure you have water with you. You can build up a sweat and it is important to stay hydrated.

Westwood NJ independent insurance agency

For more information on shoveling safety as well as snow blower safety, visit the National Safety Council’s website.

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