Swimming Pool Safety

Swimming Pool Safety Tips

According to the CDC, there are 3,500 who die each year from drowning accidents. This proves that while pools can be fun, safety should be taken seriously. Unfortunately, many of the drownings we see each year involve small children at a swimming pool.

Below, the team at Johl & Company in Westwood, NJ offers some tips to keep you, your family, and friends safe this summer.

Swimming Pool Safety

1. Fence your pool in

Having a fence around your pool area, with a gate that locks, can decrease the chances of someone entering the area unsupervised. This is especially helpful in the cases of small children.

2. Keep your pool covered

When you are not using your pool, it is wise to keep a covering over your pool and remove any ladders or steps used to enter the pool.

3. Install a pool alarm

When someone or something breaks the surface of the water, your pool alarm will notify you. This will help you in a couple of ways. First, you will know if someone is using your pool without your consent or knowledge. Second, if someone accidentally falls into the pool, you will get an alert. An alarm can also keep your pool clean as you will receive a notification if a branch or other debris falls into your water.

4. Keep close supervision of your child

Don’t get distracted while you are at the pool with your child. It can only take a moment for an accident to happen. While you child, or children, are swimming, it is smart to always have someone watching the water. If your child cannot yet swim well, make sure they sear arm floaties or a life jacket.

5. Keep your pool water clear

Keeping your pool water clean and clear is important. It is important to make sure chemical levels are being properly monitored.

6. Learn CPR

Chances are, if someone starts to drown in your pool, you will be one of the first people to aid the victim. Knowing CPR could be important as the initial responder. You should receive and maintain your CPR certification.

Valley Health System in Ridgewood, NJ offers a CPR class, click here for more information.

Swimming pool safety and its affect on your homeowner’s insurance.

We hope that the above tips can help keep you and your family safe this summer. Please note that your pool is covered under your homeowners policy. However, your liability will increase with a pool so you may need to make adjustments to your policy. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us today or get a quote, here.

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